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Roland Home Digital Pianos St. Louis

Most piano students and aficionados will know that Roland digital pianos are valued by a wide range of piano professionals, from musicians touring with their rock bands, to classical pianists with an international following. The hallowed brand does not cater just to professional musicians and college music majors, however. Roland pianos also offers models that are ideal for home use. 


At one time, having a piano in one’s parlor was a mark of wealth, social standing, and achievement. Back in the day, homes were built on a much larger scale, however, and rooms could easily accommodate a grand piano. Today we live in smaller dwellings so one major issue that has prevented many families from piano ownership is limited space.


That is not an issue with Roland home digital pianos. St. Louis has many families who wish to increase their family’s cultural heritage with the acquisition of a piano for their home. At our showroom, we offer a select grouping of premium Roland digital home pianos in St. Louis that are ideal for smaller spaces, yet uncompromised in their quality and features. 

Compact Yet Packed with Advanced Features

Roland’s proprietary technology includes 3D Ambience headphones for a totally immersive yet private experience, along with onboard tutorials to advance students’ skills faster. Compact studio-calibre models couple authentic touch with thrilling four- or eight-speaker audio systems that convert any space into a performance venue. Additionally, instruments that feature Roland’s hybrid keyboard ensure that motivation and increased musicianship remain high. 

Roland Pianos St. Louis’ clients range from students to professionals whose practice sessions are likely to take place in venues as disparate as concert halls and condominiums. With advanced technological features for musical enhancement as well as for enjoyment, Roland digital pianos, St. Louis, offers models that allow each to expand their passion and musicianship. Come view our selection of roland digital home pianos in St. Louis, today. Call us at (314) 344-1133, or inquire via

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