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The LX-15e brings Roland’s superior piano performance and latest advancements to a space-saving, upright-styled instrument with an elegant and sophisticated presence. True piano authenticity is further enhanced with the Dynamic Harmonic feature newly integrated into the SuperNATURAL Piano sound engine, while the new flagship PHA-4 Concert Keyboard with Escapement and Ebony/Ivory Feel offers new levels of expression with the latest touch-sensing technology. Individual Note Voicing helps you to find the best piano sounds to suit your taste or living space, and the innovative Headphones 3D Ambience effect provides a rich, multi-dimensional sound experience for your private practice sessions. The LX-15e is also compatible with Roland’s free iOS piano apps, allowing you to use your favorite Apple mobile devices to enhance your learning and have more fun with the piano.

Roland Digital Piano - LX-15E
Roland Digital Piano - LX-15E



Width: 55-7/16 inches
Depth: 19-1/16 inches
Height: 44-7/16 inches

Roland Digital Piano - LX-15E



With core technology derived from Roland’s award-winning V-Piano, the new HPi-6F Digital Piano features amazing SuperNATURAL Piano sound, PHA II “Ivory Feel” keyboards, and interactive DigiScore training programs. A large, flat-screen LCD is built into the music rest of each piano, providing “digital sheet music” and a variety of skill-building programs. DigiScore makes learning fun, and can even evaluate your performances and check your finger strength. These incredible sounding educational pianos fully realize the dreams of piano students, teachers, and performers of all ages.


Width: 53-10/16 inches
Depth: 13-10/16 inches
Height: 30-11/16 inches
Weight: 76 lbs. 1 oz.

Roland Digital Piano HPI-6F


The LX-7 is powered by the latest version of our acclaimed SuperNATURAL Piano Modeling technology, along with a unique keyboard that blends wood and molded materials for great feel and durability. The LX-7 connects via Bluetooth® technology to your smartphone or tablet so you can hear your music-making apps or online piano lessons through the powerful six-speaker sound system. And even though it’s compact, the classically-styled LX-7 will definitely make a big impact in your home especially with a choice of finishes including polished ebony, brown walnut and contemporary black.


Width: 54-13/16 inches
Depth: 17-9/16 inches
Height: 40-15/16 inches
Weight: 168 lbs 11 oz


An excellent way to bring music into your home and into your lives is by taking advantage of the opportunity offered by our selection of discontinued Roland pianos. In St. Louis, only Roland Pianos offers the highest quality Roland digital pianos no longer in production. These models will vary but every instrument is first quality, backed by a full warranty with many features appreciated by musicians at every level.


As such, we currently offer a range of options including educational models that feature keyboards with the look and feel of ivory, yet with confidence and skill-building technology via interactive training programs. Renowned for their authentic tone, our discontinued Roland digital pianos selection includes models that replicate grand piano performance yet the console will fit compactly inside an apartment or condominium space.

Value, Technology, Roland Quality 


‘Discontinued’ does not mean ‘obsolete’. Among our discontinued Roland pianos at our St. Louis showroom, are models that feature Roland’s proprietary headphones with 3D Ambience for a totally immersive experience in the privacy of one’s own home. On-board recording, a USB memory feature, and support for our app, which is available for most mobile devices.   


True piano authenticy coupled with advanced technological features have been the hallmark of Roland digital pianos for decades. If ownership of such a fine instrument has seemed beyond your reach before, we invite you to visit and review our current selection of discontinued Roland pianos in St. Louis. As the only authorized Roland digital pianos reseller in the greater St. Louis Missouri region, Roland Pianos St. Louis’ showroom is a destination for students performers, and professional musicians alike.


Contact us today for assistance in achieving your goal to expand your musical experience. For more information regarding our selection of discontinued Roland pianos in St. Louis, contact us at (314) 344-1133, or inquire via info@steinwaypianogallery.com.

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