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Since the 1970s, Roland Piano has been a world leader in these electronic musical instruments. Their adaptation of the latest technologies to improve both sound and touch have advanced electric musical instrumentation to increasing higher levels. This makes Roland piano ownership a goal for professional, performer, and student musicians alike. Roland Pianos of St. Louis is proud to be partnered with this world-famous brand to bring those in the greater St. Louis Missouri region the opportunity to experience the legendary quality that is unique to Roland Pianos. 


Those who reside in the area may have searched online for ‘roland digital grand pianos st. louis’ and have been surprised to find that one name only is returned: Roland Pianos, St. Louis. We are the only name you have to know and are the musical destination for the entire Roland Piano line. We carry uprights whose consoles will complement any home decor, premium uprights that feature eye-catching designs, trim portable pianos to play at home, or to take with you, impressive and powerful stage pianos built exclusively for live performance, as well as the jewel in the crown, Roland digital grand pianos. 

Superior Quality, Worldwide Renown


St. Louis is a town known for its enterprising spirit. Roland Pianos St. Louis pioneered bringing quality musical instruments to our region. For our region’s musical entrepreneurs who strive to create the most inspiring sounds for every generation, we offer Roland’s digital pianos and accessories. Their authenticity facilitates the creative process through innovations such as headphones for private practices regardless of the surrounding environment, and an app that helps musicians of all levels up their capabilities. 


Roland Pianos St. Louis’ clients are found practicing and playing in studios, on stages, in classrooms, and their residences, in short, wherever the passion for quality digital musical instruments thrives. Contact us today for assistance in achieving your goal to expand your musical heritage. Come view our select roland digital and digital grand pianos in St. Louis, today. Call us at (314) 344-1133, or inquire via info@steinwaypianogallery.com

Available now: the new Roland GP-609 Digital Grand

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